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When it comes living a healthy lifestyle, getting started is the hardest part. Having a health fitness specialist guide you through your exercises can make all the difference.

Fitness & nutrition

Fitness and diet work in conjunction to give you the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Fifteen years’ experience in the fitness industry has taught Dez that one without the other can’t get you to your fitness goals.

Fitness Expertise

Dez is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer and health fitness specialist, which has given her the expertise to create personalized fitness plans for all of her clients. Outside her work as a fitness and nutrition consultant, Dez is a World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competitor. She has placed first in multiple competitions and also placed at the World Championships in the 35+ group.

Personalized plans

Think Fit LLC nutrition and fitness plans are customized for each client. Programs can be created for anyone to fit their specific needs. Fitness consulting includes a body weight composition assessment because weight alone is not enough to determine fitness. Body composition assessments distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and other body weight to get a clear indication of your health and fitness needs.

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