A Certified Exercise Physiologist & Nutrition Specialist in Lehi, UT

Nutrition Specialist in Utah County

One-on-one consulting

Dez offers weekly, one-on-one consulting to all Think Fit LLC clients. These consultations can take place in-office, on Skype or over the phone, whatever fits the client’s busy schedule.

Customized Meal Plans

Even once you learn what nutrients your body needs to meet your health goals, implementing those practices can be very difficult. Think Fit LLC designs custom meal plans to fit your nutrition plan and daily life, all available to you on the client app.

Benefits of a Nutrition Coach

Everyone can benefit from a nutrition coach because their wealth of knowledge goes way beyond the latest healthy eating articles in the magazines and online.

Why A nutrition Coach?


Let someone else worry about what you need for your next meal. Beyond planning a lifestyle overhaul, nutrition and meal planning is a convenient way to live a healthy life.

Nutritional Weight Loss

The major contributor to body fat is food consumption, so a nutrition specialist can guide you through weight loss through nutrition 

Illness Recovery

Living a nutritious life is its own form of medication. An important part of building up your health after an illness or injury is through nutrition. Submit a form to schedule your free nutrition evaluation.

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